Mobile Markets

Mobile Markets

Focus on Food

Nothing tastes better than a fresh tomato or a perfectly ripe banana*. Seniors throughout Polk County look forward to weekly stops at 9 locations by ElderPoint Ministries’ mobile produce markets. They can choose fresh produce at a low cost – even doubling SNAP benefits if they have them. It’s empowering to select their favorite items and know the market will return the next week. (And ElderPoint buys wholesale from local farmers.)

We also stock produce kiosks in 6 senior gathering places, such as congregate dining facilities, to make fresh foods more easily available from 1 – 5 days each week, depending on the site. Good nutrition helps seniors stay healthy and independent.

*Did you know bananas are our most popular item?

Markets & Kiosks

We strive to meet needs, and we know food is a big one. Many seniors struggle to keep their pantry stocked because of physical ailments, economic circumstance, or lack of transportation. That’s why we offer produce co-ops that come right to their community.  The truck comes with fresh, high quality produce that seniors can purchase for $1 per portion.

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