During the recent government shutdown, news outlets reported on the potential effect the shutdown could have on area food pantries, including the one run by ElderPoint Ministries in partnership with St. David’s Episcopal Church in Lakeland.

The USDA buys food and sends it to the state. The state then distributes it to area food banks and pantries. We get that food and distribute it to families in need. If the shutdown continued, there was fear that the USDA may not have been able to supply the food.

We’ve known of the continued need to feed those who are food insecure, based on statistics we collect each day. For example, we helped provide food to 171 households in June 2012. During a single week in November 2013, we provided food for 1,000 homes.

There is an ongoing need that we are meeting, and coverage such as this recent visit from Alcides Segui from FOX 13 help us get the message out about what we do for seniors in our community.