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Driving the Van

Some of the best days are when your employee calls in sick. In my early days of nonprofit work, my motto was “never take on anything you can’t complete yourself.” Events were scaled to what I could set-up, run, and clean up on my own, just in case help did not arrive. More times [...]

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CO-OPeration: Changing How We Fight Senior Hunger

Sometimes in the non profit world the best thing that can happen is to lose your funding. Why?  Well, what better way to critically evaluate what you are doing than looking at your program from these perspectives: Why is your cause no longer resonating with funders? Are you focused on transforming people's lives or achieving [...]

By |July 8, 2016|Categories: blog|

Thank you, Joslyn!

This summer, it was our privilege to have Joslyn Armstrong serve as our Volunteer Coordinator. Joslyn jumped right in, coordinating our volunteer service for two Lakeland Flying Tigers’ baseball games which included a super-busy 4th of July game. She also took on the project of contacting dialysis patients who would be losing their Saturday transportation [...]

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2014 Was Amazing!

Well, the numbers are in for our Bluebird Mobility Network for 2014 and we are thrilled! ElderPoint was blessed to have over 30 volunteer drivers throughout the year who collectively logged 80,309 miles using our vehicles and their personal vehicles. Those miles represent 406 individual passengers and a total of 4423 trips! Although the majority [...]

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Our Volunteers are Busy-Part 2, Our Food Pantry

Not only do our volunteer drivers stay busy, our food pantry workers are equally busy! Our numbers are in for the 3rd quarter of 2014 and they are remarkable. From July 1st through September 30, our food pantry served 9512 households! Of those households, 6162 were households headed or occupied by at least one person [...]

By |October 10, 2014|Categories: blog, In the News, Uncategorized|
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