Project Safe Haven

Project Safe Haven is ElderPoint Ministries’ newest effort to meet the needs of Lakeland’s elderly. We collaborate with local mobile home park owners to revamp uninhabited mobile homes in need of a little love. In exchange for sprucing up their park, owners allow seniors to live in the renovated home at a discounted rate with no upfront costs.

This service is for elderly citizens at immediate risk of homelessness. These seniors are often living in condemned units, dilapidated houses or even in their car. Many times, they just need to hit “re-set.” Project Safe Haven provides that opportunity and grants seniors a fresh start with clean, affordable housing. If you know of an elderly resident on the brink of homelessness or living in unhealthy conditions, please inform us.

Mobile home renovations are performed by teams of ElderPoint volunteers. If you’re interested in lending your home-improvement talents to help Lakeland seniors in need, contact us at (863) 682-7249.

At ElderPoint Ministries, we work tirelessly to ensure every senior has a roof over their head, food in the pantry and a friend to call when times get tough. If a senior has a need that falls outside of our specific services, it makes no difference to us. We aim to meet seniors at the point of their need, regardless of their circumstance. Please contact us if an elderly citizen you know could benefit from our ministry.

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