Bluebird Mobility Network

In our continuous effort to meet seniors at their point of need, we offer the Bluebird Mobility Network. This service allows seniors without transportation to get where they need to go at a low cost. Seniors can be transported to the grocery store, doctor’s office or even family member’s house.

Here is how it works:

Seniors over 55 become a member for the modest yearly fee of $25.  Members can then establish a transportation account to cover costs of upcoming trips.  A member can request a refund of their transportation account at any time, however funds must be in the account to book a ride.  Members can send a check or add to their transportation account online.  Even friends and family can contribute to keep their loved one mobile and independent.

Once a member has established their transportation account they are free to book a ride anytime.  We prefer booking ahead, but we can accommodate same day bookings too.

Fee Schedule

Pickup fee (scheduled in advance)      $2.50

Per Mile fee                                          $1.50

Pick Up Fee (same day schedule)       $5.00

Here are some ways to make your trip even more affordable:

Share a ride and share the per mile rate!  Receive a $5 credit on your birthday!  Don’t use your car – donate it to ElderPoint and receive Blue Book Value in credit on your transportation account.  Have family and friends contribute to your account.  Refer a friend as a member and receive a $5 credit when they join.

There are no limitations. Through Bluebird, we wish to return to seniors a sense of mobility and freedom. By providing them with a simple car ride, we aim to meet a need and foster a friendship between the volunteer and elderly neighbor.


Bluebird is driven (literally) by our gracious volunteers. The more volunteers we enlist, the more seniors can experience life outside the walls of their home. Driving a few miles so a senior can visit a friend or make an important medical appointment is only a small inconvenience for volunteers, yet a powerful display of love for our elderly neighbors.


We’re always on the lookout for passionate volunteers who desire to positively impact the lives of Lakeland’s elderly. All volunteers are reimbursed for gas mileage when driving their personal vehicles.


Leading Polk County in volunteer transit, ElderPoint offers a wheelchair accessible vehicles. For more information on ElderPoint’s Bluebird Mobility Network, to become a member or to learn how to volunteer, call (863) 682-7249.

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